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Biology of Elephants
Because of the elephants, long evolution, many of their systems and organs are quite highly specialized. These adaptations help to sustain life, and maintain the reproductive balance and social order of the biggest mammals on land.

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Antoinette brings the elephants HOME
In the last few weeks increasingly more elephants have been wandering the streets in Thai cities. Now that the dry season has begun in Surin, the 100s of elephants are all moving out of Surin into the city in order to find money and food. For a small amount, tourists can have a ride on their backs or can buy bananas to feed them. Antoinette van de Water is now in Thailand to ensure a better future for the street elephants. This has been the case for two elephants: Silver Flower and Sri Nuan are now occupied with a symbolic journey back to freedom

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Elephant-Related Trade Timeline
1975 CITES banned the international commercial trade in Asian elephant ivory. The Asian elephant was listed on CITES Appendix I. Generally, any ivory possessed prior to this date is pre-Convention" and can be traded internationally for commercial purposes.

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British fossil elephants
By Adrian M Lister

The elephant family
(Elephantidae), like that of humans, originated in Africa. Finds from the late Miocene of southern and eastern Africa show that, by between seven and six million years ago, true elephants had arisen, probably from stegodons, which are distant relatives of mastodonts.

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